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Fond Travel

Some may choose to board a plane;

Others journey on a train,

Each one determined, sun or rain,

To go his chosen way

Some load up their suv’s,

Make room for their families,

Drive on highways apt to freeze,

To travel, come what may.

From the sunny south to north,

From cities to the farms go forth,

To mountain homes or seaside ports,

The price they gladly pay.

Maybe see friends from the past,

Strengthen bonds that long will last,

Reminisce shared things, held fast,

They used to do and say

Through the woods and scenes of old,

Destinations treasures hold.

Into loving arms they’ll fold,

Dear ones, too short the stay.

A friend or sibling hard to face

May slow us going to their place.

The season’s here to have the grace

And mend the breach today.

The time has come to gladly start

Prepared affection to impart,

Stirring up each thankful heart

For blessings sent their way.

The gathering with gratitude,

Relationships affirmed, renewed,

Enjoying lots of luscious food,

When it’s Thanksgiving Day.

Some will say, Y’all come back,”

Hide tears as others hit the track

The gathering filling many a lack,

Bless the farewell highway.

Some think twice, when they’re alone,

Of loving seeds that were not sown.

I’d suggest, “Pick up the phone.”

Affirm Thanksgiving Day.

©11/18/2010 Carol Morfitt
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