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Fearful Cries from the Shadows of Night

The moon its fullest, brightest phase has passed
Coyotes uttered bone-chilling howls for nights
Quiet, sodden mist supplants its glowing cast,
and seems, has lulled those voices on the heights.

A fire built on the hearth feels good once more,
industrious mood as spring speaks of new things
brings weariness to muscles, mildly sore,
makes warmth and rest the luxury of kings.

A soft chair and a steaming cup of tea,
accompany the plans for coming days,
The pillow bids us from our cares be free
until that chilling howl again they raise.

Remember, they are more afraid than you,
and if your pets are brought in for the night,
a peaceful rest is still your right and due,
so, bless you, sleep secure until day light.

03/21/2011 Carol Morfitt
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