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Fair Time Again

Can’t you just see its fluffiness and taste it,
Cotton candy melting on your tongue?
The whir of Ferris wheel, the Tilt-a-whirl,
Enjoy it, time has come, for old and young.

The roadside intersections decorated,
With billboards, an exception to the norm,
Proclaiming spectacles of home grown produce
Displayed, colorful—come, enjoy, perform.

Set aside the mundane daily old routine;
See what the young and old of our own county,
Have produced, prepared, and now display,
Light-hearted fun and gladly flaunted bounty..

In no time now, arenas come alive with action;
Pavilions will display what has been wrought ,
Both creative effort and plain fun, combined attraction,
Hawkers proclaim what be naively bought.

See horse games, horse-pulling, demo derby
Again, it’s, “Heigh-ho, come now to the fair.”
Cattle like you’ve never seen, art, music.
A few more days, and we will see you there.

©07/18/2011 Carol Morfitt
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