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I pictured it with Christmas lights,
the scene that I held dear
and wanted to convey in words
the beauty and the cheer.

To reminisce of unique things,
the plans put underway,
the song and camaraderie
the site invokes today.

You share, open your thoughts to me
about past trials and deeds
and, recollecting vividly,
each thought to more thoughts leads.

The time grows short, still more to tell,
some thoughts, then, put on hold.
You notice that I want to share
the things I haven't told.

We both have words to share our thoughts
Eager to make them realí
Ideas and scenarios,
What pleasure to reveal.

It's hard to see what happens when
the thoughts don't intermix.
Attention to dear thoughts is lost,
conundrum, sticky fix.

We both treasure the other's thoughts;
how to make reason or rhyme
of two chatty dispositions,
seeking equal time.

©2010 Carol Morfitt
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