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A Pet's guide for Master Training

You pet owners sure are strange,
and oh, so hard to train.
But, as long as you reward some change,
we'll respond again.

A wagging tail or floppy ears,
helps keep you on our side.
A meow and purr you find dear,
and keep you starry-eyed.

Intermittant reward, good technique,
that tasty reward forthcoming.
One response out of three you speak,
will keep the progress humming.

We birdies that may learn to talk
really have it made,
hints of verballizing in our squawk,
bring great attention paid.

A little change you see will soften,
if we puff throats and churr,
will bring you to the cage more often,
and bring a treat for sure.

Those whisperers are a real boon;
they're shaped into our ways.
Instead of penalties, their tune
is responding to our gaze.

With patience, we will get you trained,
fitting into our style.
with wagging tail and such maintain.
It's enough to make pets smile.

04/10/2011 Carol Morfitt
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