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I Havenít Arrived

I havenít arrived;
Thatís fine,

So I still can grow,
Find new hills to climb
See some struggle Iíve been trying
Succeed, realign,

Be something different
Than I ever thought,
See new meaning to something
I have been taught.

Iíll see pain I have suffered
Make me stronger or see
A much different purpose
Than I thought there could be.

I havenít arrived,
And I never will,
But feeling myself closer
Makes me try the hill.

Then, when I backslide
Or take the wrong road,
Feel confusion and trouble,
Canít take the load.

Thereís help, may be unseen,
Waiting for me.
A little song, smile or flowers
On the way I can see.

So I can keep growing
From each lesson derived,
And find something better;
I havenít arrived.

©12/01/2010 Carol Morfitt
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